With your support, we were able to honor a group of extraordinary leaders who are impacting out region by elevating culture, remaining authentic disrupting industries, pushing boundaries, opening doors, and championing change.  


Who. What. Why.

A group of game changers dedicated to each other’s success is a summation of “Who” we are. I’m a movement by myself, but I’m a force when we’re together is “What” our purpose is rooted in. The Power Circle enables a BIPOC community  to come together, share, collaborate and grow beyond just business, and this is “Why” we exist.


We're here for You!

We will continue to create platforms that build and bring brand awareness to accelerate the advent of the sustainable elevation of a community that was left behind. We will infuse this infrastructure by; collecting, preserving, studying, exhibiting, and stimulating appreciation for being inclusive of all parts of our BIPOC community. We will collectively represent the broadest spectrum of human achievements at the highest level of quality, all in the view of public service, leadership, activism, and entrepreneurship following the highest professional standards. Our mission is to solve the lack of positive images in our communities and show there is an abundance of Greatness coming from the ‘hood that are impacting the world.

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Let's Bs Inspired

Mark your calendars as we continue to celebrate YOU! Four signature events to distribute our own beautiful narratives.
Phenomenal Kid Awards

Phenomenal Kid Awards

An authentic platform for amazing Scholars, Athletes, Innovators, and Entrepreneurs.
June 2023 - Leadership Brunch

Men Who Lead

Celebrating local Black men who inspire others through their vision and leadership, incomparable achievements and exceptional participation in community service. They are men who exemplify extraordinary stature, poise, and valor. These men are forward thinkers in their given fields and motivate those around them to go beyond the norm and strive for brilliance.
Tea & Crumpets - August 2023

Women Who Inspire

A platform for amazing motivational speakers, we plan to help build a sisterhood, connect with local business owner’s, offer valuable skills and information that will encourage individual and community growth, while continuing to recognizing authentic Women who Inspire - that continuously push the culture forward by controlling our narrative.
Save the date - December 17, 2023

2023 Delux Power 100

Delux Power 100 Gala reaches a high-image, high-profile tastemaker audience including boardroom executives, celebrities, politicians, media, local socialites, and emerging influencers across multiple demographic segments.


2023 Delux Power Photos


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2023 POWER 100 RECAP

Let's Be Powerful

The best stories are those that really happened.


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